Studio f8

Studio f8 is one of the know photography studio in Delhi. The Organization Known for it’s quality work thought and commitment. Studio f8 is runed and managed by a well known photographer Lucky Sharma. He has been in the product photography near about 20 years and specializes in product. Industry and Fashion photography. as he say i still belong to the school of thought. which prescribes homework scribbles on paper for a planned shoot or mental sketches for an unplanned picture taken outdoors. Then again, this type of “pre-visualization” is not limited to the field of photography along. Sculptors, for example. “see” the shape they want to care out of a formless black of stone even before they raise their chisal. Musicians hear a not long before it escapes their instrument. Similarly, I have learnt to “See” a picture before i take it. The result: i spend less time looking for photographs. Photographs discover me. I didnt do my best shot yet cos i am waiting for it.